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How Chemjet Works



Environmentally Sound

Tree injection uses the natural circulation of the tree to distribute pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers to the areas where treatment is needed without releasing chemicals in the environment (as opposed to spraying or drenching the ground with chemicals).  With direct injection into the circulatory system of a tree, a much lower volume of chemical is needed because it all goes into the tree, leaving none on the ground or on exterior tree bark for exposure to unintended receptors such as beneficial insects (like honey bees), animals or people.

Tree Injection using Chemjet

The Chemjet® Tree Injector is a spring-loaded syringe-like device, with a 20mm tapered nozzle. The chemical is drawn through the nozzle into the chamber of the injector in measured 10, 15 or 20ml quantities. The injector handle is pulled back to energize the spring pressure can be locked open at 20 ml by twisting the handle in a clockwise direction.

Holes are drilled into the tree using a 11/64 bit to a depth of about one inch, and the Chemjet® nozzle is pressed into the hole by hand (no hammering) to make a tight seal.  Note: you do not have to twist while inserting!   While holding the Chemjet® in place, the red handle is pulled back slightly then turned counterclockwise to allow the spring pressure to inject chemical into the tree.

Here is a brief  video  demonstrating how the Chemjet® is used to inject a tree.

The circulatory system of a tree moves water/sap up from the roots to the branches and then back down again along the inner bark. The tree takes up carbon dioxide and energy from the sun through the leaves/needles where photosynthesis makes food (carbohydrates). The food then dissolves in the sap and is carried downwards through the inner bark. This food is distributed to every living cell of the tree including the root system.

Tapping into the natural circulatory process of a tree allows chemicals to be transported and rapidly dissipated throughout the entire tree, from the roots to the leaves, effectively minimizing wastage and maximizing efficient use of treatment chemical

Injecting chemicals into trees using the Chemjet® rather than spraying or soil drenching, is a more environmentally sound method of providing beneficial nutrients and treatment chemicals to trees.

Economical and Simple

The process of tree injection has traditionally been conducted by tree care professionals, and workers using injection devices that are very expensive and specialized. The specialization of tree injection using the traditional equipment and methods has cause tree injection to be costly and as a result infrequently applied.

But with use of the reloadable Chemjet® Tree injector, tree injection treatment is very economical. The low cost of the Chemjet® Tree Injector allows a tree care worker to save time and use multiple Chemjet® Injectors simultaneously on multiple trees, or at multiple locations on one tree.   For example, an injection treatment on a large tree could employ 25 injectors all at once, and be finished in minutes.

In addition. The cost efficient Chemjet® Tree Injector allows the option of injection for tree care by resourceful property owners, farmers and resort groundskeepers (with proper knowledge and training).  The Chemjet® Tree Injector is inexpensive, rugged, refillable and reusable. And with proper care and maintenance could be used repeatedly for many years.

Step by step procedures for using the Chemjet® to treat for Oak Wilt and Emerald Ash Borer are detailed on pages linked below.


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How Chemjet Works

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