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Logical Result LLC
7716 Karlin Road
Interlochen, Michigan  49643

Erik Johnson

(231) 330-8723

We are a North America Distributor for Chemjet® Tree Injectors. 

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How Chemjet Works

Oak Wilt Disease and Treatment

Dutch Elm Disease Treatment

Save Your Trees from Oak Wilt

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Treatment

Sudden Oak Death Treatment

Asian Longhorned Beetle Treatment

Plugs for Tree Injection Holes

Chemjet Tips and Tricks

Video: Injecting for Oak Wilt

Video:  Chemjet use in Australia

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Logical Result LLC is a North American Distributor for Chemjet Tree Injectors. We have also posted a few links to some other products that will refer you to Do My Own pest control. If you click the links provided for Do My Own to purchase items, we may receive a referral commission as an affiliate of the sellers at no cost to you.


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