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The Chemjet Tree Injector is an inexpensive reloadable syringe used to inject pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers to treat diseases and pests, to prevent death of the tree. These injectors are used in a process called microinjection to treat an entire tree (leaves to roots) by deploying multiple Chemjet® Injectors evenly spaced around the trunk of the tree. Made of rugged plastic, the Chemjet® injectors can be reused for many years.


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Tree Injection for Treatment 

Diseases and pests which kill or adversely affect commercial, landscape and orchard trees in North America, and which can be treated by injections with the appropriate chemical and expertise include:



How Chemjet® Works

The Chemjet® Injector is a spring-loaded syringe-like device, with a 20mm tapered nozzle. The chemical is drawn through the nozzle into the chamber of the injector in measured 10, 15 or 20ml quantities. The injector handle is pulled back to energize the spring pressure and locked open by twisting the handle in a clockwise direction.  Holes are drilled into the tree using a 11/64 bit to a depth of about 1-1/2 inch, and the Chemjet® nozzle is pressed into the hole by hand (no hammering) to make a tight seal.    While holding the Chemjet® in place, the red handle is pulled back slightly then turned counterclockwise to allow the spring pressure to inject chemical into the tree. Here is a video which gives a good demonstration of the procedure, function and use of the Chemjet® Tree Injector.


Oak Wilt Disease and Treatment

Healthy oak trees can be treated using a fungicide to prevent infection by oak wilt disease.  This is easily conducted using Chemjet® Tree Injectors to inject the fungicide Propiconizole 14.3 into small drilled holes at multiple locations around the circumference of the tree. The chemical is then carried throughout the tree, from up to the leaves down to all of the roots, effectively inoculating the tree from infection of oak wilt disease.  This would protect from root graft infection from adjacent infected trees and also infection into tree wounds anywhere on the tree from the sap beetles.


Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Direct injection of pesticides through the bark and into the trunk of ash trees is an environmentally sound and economical way of treating EAB.  With direct injection into the circulatory system of a tree using Chemjet® Tree Injectors, a much lower volume of chemical is needed because it all goes into the tree, leaving none on the ground or on the exterior tree bark for exposure to unintended receptors.  Trunk injection is the most efficient and works the fastest of EAB control methods, with the pesticide circulation throughout the tree within a few days. Trunk microinjections should be started during mid to late spring after trees have leafed out and can continue all summer.


Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Treatment

HWA kills hemlock trees but it takes years and there is time identify the infestation and take action to save trees. Chemical insecticide treatments can be conducted to protect and save valued trees.  Only infested trees need to be treated.   These applications include drenching the soil around the tree with insecticide, spraying the tree trunk, and trunk injection treatments. If done properly, the insecticide will kill the resident HWA and keep new infestation away from the trees.  If a tree is lightly infested, the insecticide treatment kills the HWA and the tree can start to heal and ultimately thrive again.



 Sudden Oak Death Treatment

Sudden Oak Death is a tree affliction caused by phytophthora ramorum, a type of water mold that causes cankers which disrupt the circulation of sap, girdling and eventually killing the tree. The mold spores are spread from infected to healthy trees in the air by wind, and also by water. If you have SOD killing trees on your property or in your neighborhood, you do not have to sit by and watch your oak trees die. You can easily treat against infection and death of trees by SOD using DIY trunk injection of the phosphonate fungicide Garden Phos  (previously known as Agri-Phos) and reloadable Chemjet® Tree Injectors.



Asian Longhorned Beetle Treatment

For Asian Longhorned Beetle Treatment, the USDA has identified that trunk injection treatments can be used to protect unaffected trees in or near ALB areas. This can be easily conducted using Chemjet® Tree Injectors to inject pesticides such imidacloprid into small drilled holes at several locations around the circumference of the tree. The chemical is then carried throughout the tree, from up to the leaves down to all of the roots, effectively killing or driving away ALB currently in the tree, and preventing future infestation by visiting beetles.




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