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Save Your Trees from Oak Wilt with DIY Tree Injection

Take action to protect your oak trees from Oak Wilt with easy “do it yourself” tree injection.

Oak Wilt is a pernicious tree affliction caused by a fungus that clogs up the circulatory system of oak trees, starving them of sap, and killing every affected tree within weeks of infection.  The fungus is transmitted from tree to tree by interconnected root systems and by flying beetles attracted to sap.

If you have oak wilt killing trees on your property or in your neighborhood, you do not have to sit by and watch your precious old oak trees die.   You can easily treat against infection and death of trees by oak wilt using DIY trunk injection of the fungicide Propiconazole 14.3 using reloadable Chemjet® Tree Injectors.

The procedure is as follows for trees that have not yet been infected (indicated by leaves turning brown or falling off prematurely during summer):

  1. Identify uninfected trees that you want to protect.  At greatest risk are healthy trees that are adjacent to trees that are already infected or dead, and trees with recent wounds that have been bleeding sap.
  2. Acquire some Chemjet® Tree Injectors and Propiconazole 14.3 liquid fungicide.  Get a cordless drill and a 11/64 drill bit.
  3. Dilute the chemical with water, drill the tree trunk and inject using the Chemjet® Tree Injectors as described in these instructions.
  4. Repeat injection of the trees every other year.  If no oak wilt shows up after five years then it is probably gone.

Here is a video: Injecting for Oak Wilt

That’s it!  Using this procedure you should be able to keep your favorite oak tree from being killed by oak wilt indefinitely (as long as the tree isn’t sick before you start!).

And with the relatively simple implementation of tree injection using the inexpensive Chemjet Tree Injectors, it is feasible to inject and protect many more oak trees.  This brings to reality an economical option of DIY injecting all of the healthy oak trees on your woodlot around an oak wilt outbreak area to inhibit expansion of the disease to your trees.  See this Case Study.

It takes a few hours for the chemical to go in the tree. If you have one or two trees to treat you could get by with six Chemjets (re-use them as you drill around the tree) and a quart of Propiconazole 14.3.  If you have many trees you will will need 20 or more Chemjets and you can buy Propiconazole 14.3 more economically by the gallon.

Get Chemjet Tree Injectors online here:

Get Propiconazole 14.3 online here:

Treating for oak wilt is easy and relatively cheap!  The fungicide costs about $0.25 per 10 ml injector dose and Chemjets cost about $12 each and can be reused for years.

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